We are Needles and Nylon. We chat about, share, and photograph our joint
love of fashion, art, travel, food, and music with you guys. We are a co-ed blog, taking
opinions and perspectives from a underground man and and uptown woman.

Izzy Bulnes, an ambitious, young adult in his early 20's who is a writer, rapper, and stylist
 who finds style and musical inspiration from his heroes Nas, Andre 3000, and many others. He comes from a mix of different backgrounds of Honduran, Jamaican, and Chinese. He was born and raised in Boynton Beach, Florida, but his first language is spanish. He will mostly lend
his expertise in the fashion, music, and travel section of the blog.

Christina Daley, an edgy, young lady in her early 20's who is a stylist, photographer, and foodie
who finds her inspiration of Rihanna, Solange Knowles, and Annie Leibovitz.
Coming from a Jamaican and Syrian background, she finds joy in the best thing of life: FOOD!
You will mostly find her in the beauty, food, and travel section of the blog.

Together, we make the perfect couple and business pair to explore the wonders of the world and
what it has to offer. We hope you enjoy our ventures and adventures, guys!
Business Inquires: needlesandnylon@gmail.com
Personal (Izzy): ibulnesjr@gmail.com
Personal (Christina): daleychristina7@gmail.com


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