We rarely get to do a cute couple activity that neither of us have done. So, when the opportunity to go to a local wine tasting arose, we jumped on it ASAP! We put on our Thursday best and headed 20 minutes to Eat Market in Delray Beach for the Swirl and Sip wine tasting. Usually, Eat Market is a deli-style restaurant who have some amazing sandwiches (as Izzy as ranted to me), but tonight they have turned their tiny eatery into an intimate, tasting space. This evening was specifically focused on Spanish wines and cuisine and how they are perfectly paired together.
-So our tour guide through the wine world was the ever so lovely, Scott the Sommelier (a specialist in wines). He was extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the wines we were tasting. From the regions, to the type of grapes, new world vs. old world wines, the works! He made everything very easy to comprehend, meaning he didn't use any complex wine lingo. Also, he was VERY patient! If you live in Palm Beach County, you know how rowdy some older ladies and their girlfriends get when they've had a few glasses, so he took his time, made sure the class gave their undivided attention and talked through the wines. Also, he did a very nice job of making sure everyone got a refill, so that's always a good thing.

We were going to be tasting five wines from Campo Viejo for the evening: one brut, three reds, and one rose. Izzy loves red wines, so he was in his element, but as for me, I absolutely hate reds. Every time I have a red wine, its either to dry at the end or it just tastes like expensive dirt. So, coming into this experience, I know I would be judging very harshly. The first one was a Campo Viejo Brut Reserve. Scott basically told us that it is the Spanish version of a prosecco. It was so light and bubbly, very crisp, but very little taste at the end. We both absolutely enjoyed this one as a fresh start to the tasting. Next, they brought out the tapas that would be pair with it. The small dish was a Patatas Bravas, which is Potatos in a spicy, tomato sauce with fresh scallions on top. The part that blew my mind is that Paul f@#$%&! Niedermann was our chef. Now, if you know Izzy and I, anything to do with the Gordon Ramsey empire is an instant hit with us. When we found out that Paul, the Season 9 winner of Hell's Kitchen was our chef of the night, I may or may not have done a high-pitched squeal. The food was absolutely incredible! Amazing spices, a beautiful blend between the food and the wines. The chef and the sommelier created a beautiful tango of flavors. The only dish Izzy and I were not the biggest fans of was the Churros with a Chili-Lime Chocolate sauce. We were looking for a nice, sweet dessert after a savory and spicy dinner, so we didn't really get the relief we were looking for. We only had one critic for Eat Market, which was if you are having an event, we both recommend to close off the restaurant to the public. At one point, a few obnoxious customers came in and it was hard to hear Scott speak and you could see on his face that he was struggling a bit as well. But overall, the evening all together was great and we really enjoyed ourselves. 


We escaped for the weekend for a pre-Valentine's Day getaway
to the real city that never sleeps, Miami!
Basically, when we make the journey to South Beach, we want to completely stuff our faces with all the multicultural food that congests the city streets. Recently, we heard a lot of buzz about this traditional Korean BBQ place called the Drunken did everything but disappoint.

The restaurant is situated in a random, sketchy plaza next to a Subway and it doesn't even say the name of the establishment. It literally just says "MARKET" in big, bold, red letters. It kind of gives off that vibe like it's a front for a seedy, Korean club but the inside is immaculate! Thick, wooden tables, dimly lit chandeliers, and a bar reminiscent of the one from James Bond's Skyfall.

The service was impeccable. Our waiter let us know what he recommends, the fan faves, what comes raw to the table if you want to cook it yourself, and what drinks are completely bomb. We ordered the Bulgogi, which is marinated beef and a staple of Korean BBQ, the Chicken with Lemon Soy Sauce, and the Stir Fry with Vegetables. For the liq, I got the Voodoo Lady (not for the faint of heart) and Izzy got the Blushing Dragon which reminded me of a Cosmopolitan that doesn't play games

Whoever makes the sauces in this place...papa bless because the marinades and the sauces are the cream of the crop! The Bulgogi was the most tender beef I have ever had in my life. The caramelized onions on the side gave it a sweetness to counterbalance the salty soy sauce. It was just the most amazing morsels of meat I've ever had by far! The stir fry noodles were nice and firm, the sauce, y'all! The noodles are perfectly blanketed in a thin layer of sweet sauce and the snap peas, bell peppers and carrots give it nice texture and crunch. The chicken is just a standard, grilled chicken, not dry at all but the star of the show is that tiny pot of soy sauce on the side that's infused with tart lemon. I never thought I needed lemon soy sauce every day of my life until now. My only gripe is that they definitely did not give enough of that sauce. We like to drench our chicken, not dip.

Overall, we highly recommend this experience! The food was fantastic with the perfect portions for two. This was quite expensive...this is not for a first date...this is more like a "we've been dating for two years and I'm completely invested in you" kind of date! If you don't mind spending a bit of bread on a great meal, this is definitely for you and your boo. Would definitely go again!


Our great friend, Tyler, just came back from his weird vacation in the wilderness,
hunting deer and what not, so I needed to see him. So what do you do when you want to drink in the mornings but it still be socially acceptable? You go to Sunday brunch!
Park Tavern on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach is the perfect spot to get your $9 bottomless mimosas and great food potions for a great price!
We sat outside underneath a beautiful tree. The weather was gorgeous, so why not!
The way they do bottomless mimosas is the worst but in the most fantastic way possible
because the waiter leaves the bottle of Brut at the table in a ice bucket. Its great! He doesn't have to keep coming over to refill you glass, so you can avoid judgement
Tyler went for some glorious, fluffy cornbread to start with some sweet jam and butter.
For mains, I had the Breakfast Sandwich with sharp cheddar cheese, country ham, and an egg over hard atop a sweet, brioche bun. Tyler went completely Southern gentleman and got biscuits smothered in homemade gravy and scrambled eggs.
We both highly recommend this spot for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.
Definitely for the young folks and the restaurant is situated on a street with loads of clothing shops, so you can drink to your heart's content then go give all your money to Urban Outfitters down the street!



We all know what tomorrow is....Taco Tuesday!! And what better place to spend it than
Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar. Enchiladas, margaritas, y mas!

Review: Their chicken tacos...HOLY HELL! Amazing! Flame! Fire! Usually, when I

eat chicken tacos at a restaurant, it's as dry as a Popeye's an instant chokehold.
But these are so juicy and full of flavor. The red onions, the tomatoes are so fresh and crisp.

The chips and salsa as an appetizer are pretty bomb, too.
My only thing with these is the amount of their seasoning they put on the chips.
A little unnecessary, but still bomb

Okay, so the churros. The bloody churros, guys. To die!
Every time I go to Rocco's, the churros are needed. No question.
So fluffy and warm inside, but crispy and sugary on the outside
Also, the ice cream that comes with it ain't no normal vanilla.
There's something very unique about it that pairs well with the cinnamon sugar of the churros
Overall, you've gotta go!


You can pay $14.99 and you get all you can eat tacos and that's
all day on Tuesday
Then, after 7PM, the drink specials are $5 tequila drinks and shots,
$15 margarita pitchers, and $3 Mexican beers! It's Lit!

We treated our friend, Lucky, to lunch for his 24th birthday to City Cellar.
Artistic decor, cushy booth seating, and it does give you that fancy feeling when you walk in.
The cocktails are absolutely amazing! I feel like you could make up a cocktail in your head and they
would try to create it. I asked for a pineapple mojito (not on the menu), and that's what I got.

Now, for food! Lucky ordered the Cellar Burger, which comes on a toasted bun with an all
beef burger, red onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and a fried egg on top....a fried egg, people! 
It also comes with crispy, Parmesan fries and a juicy pickle
Izzy ordered the Roasted Turkey Panino with a side of rice and a pickle.
I would tell you what was in it, but he inhaled it so damn fast I couldn't even ask him what was in it
 So, yeah that was a fail

The waiter also let Lucky pick out a dessert that he wanted for his birthday and he chose
the Iggy's Mom NY Cheesecake (don't ask us who Iggy is because we still
don't know)
It was so light and creamy and it doesn't bombard your taste buds with queasy, cheesiness.
The crust on this thing is to die for!
But the best part was that there was no cheesy restaurant singing for his birthday
That's always a plus

We highly recommend this restaurant! The service was amazing and the food is well-crafted
Also, they serve brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30-3:00
They have bottomless mimosas throughout you meal for an additional $12
And when they say bottomless, it truly is bottomless
And their happy hour is from 4:00-7:00PM and it is half price cocktails


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