We all deserve that day of the week where we just pamper ourselves. Even if it's cowash day in the middle of the week or if we dedicate and entire Saturday morning to cartoons and mimosa wishes, every man and woman needs a "treat yoself" day. My day happens to be Sunday, so this is me taking you on a storybook journey of my Sunday rhythms and rituals

First, Nails or Nothing:
-I get called boujee for the simple fact that I get my nails done every week. Now, before you join in on the roast, hear me out. When I have a fresh paint job, I feel like there is not a single Boca bitch who can rain on my parade. Confidence is key to me and having my nails perked does just that. My nail tech, Lily at La Vie nails in Wellington is an absolute gem. She does my coffin shape acrylics perfectly (yes, I'm still doing acrylic in 2017 so fight me), she turns on my HGTV "Fixer Upper", and does her thing. My nails and toes never match and here's why: I frankly don't give a damn. I pick crazy colors that make me feel sexy, so this week's category is metallic nails and french toes. Get into it!
 Scrub. Everything.:
-After spending about a decade in the nail salon, I make it back to the house for more self-catering. About a 30 minute slot of my Sunday involves me scraping and scrubbing away all the crap and crud that has caked onto my body from the work week. So, I'll usually "dry-brush" my body, which is an old school method of brushing the skin in circular motions to flake of all the dead skin before your skin is wet. Also, it's a homeopathic way of flushing out your lymphatic system. It is type disgusting to see corn flakes flying off of you, but it's super effective! I also concentrate brushing around my buns and thighs to circulate blood flow to help with cellulite. After this, I'll follow up with a traditional exfoliant.

I'll hope into my scalding hot bath water with a temperature reminiscent of chicken soup to use my manual exfoliator. I've really been loving Australian skincare and Frank's Body has some fantastic face and body coffee scrubs. It literally looks like coffee grounds in the packaging, but the formula is injected with almond oil so as you scrub, your skin is being moisturized instead of feeling stripped. The thing i adore most about this product is the packaging. The bag can be resealed and is also lined with aluminum, so it's keep-in-the-shower friendly!

Moisturize, damnit!:
- If you have desert dry skin, you know how hard it is to find a body moisturizer that does just that AND stays in the skin. I am preaching this now until the end of time: Kiehl's Creme de Corps line is the best all over body cream for dry skin. Period. So luxurious, so moisturizing, super hydrating, stays in the skin for the whole day. It's bomb! I prefer the body butter over the lotion. I feel like my skin looks healthy with the body butter and has a radiant glow to it. But above all else, the smell. The smell is absolutely divine! A scent that reminds me of Betty Crocker Yellow cake. My favorite step out of my routine.

Now, for the face:
- My body is so friggin' dry but the gag is my face is as greasy as Southern fried chicken. Therefore, I am more prone to acne and breakouts. One a week, I will do a double cleanse (using two cleansers sequentially) and these are the two I am using as of now. The Origins Zero Oil Cleanser really makes sure that it sucks all the dirt, makeup residue, and sweat out of my face. The lather of this is so satisfying and hint of mint is very refreshing. Then, I'll follow up with the Kiehl's Blue Herbal Cleanser with Salicylic Acid. This really helps with my little bumpies that I have and the ones that might be lurking below the surface. This cleanser has menthol and camphor, so it feels like you rubbed mouthwash on your face in the most cooling and refreshing way possible. If you suffer from irritated, red acne, I highly recommend this cleasner.

Masque, Baby! Masque!:
-What would a full spa day be without a mask? For a face mask, I have been addicted to the Calendula and Aloe Vera Soothing Hydration Masque from Kiehl's. Especially because the sun in Florida right now is so brutal, this feels so cold and wonderful on the face. I store mine in the fridge to keep it nice and cold and the Aloe helps with any unfortunate peeling that I get on my nose around this time of year. I've already gone through a whole 100mL tube of this, so I am quite the obsessed fan of this. I'll leave this on for about 15 minutes then was it off with lukewarm water in circular motions.

Can't forget my full routine:
-Depending upon what time of the day I finish all my tasks, I'll do my full skin routine. I have one for day and one for bedtime so it really depends. As of now, my whole skincare routine is from Kiehl's (I promise Kiehl's isn't sponsoring this._.). My routine(s) is geared toward a sensitive, oily skin type who is acne-prone. I did order some skincare from The Ordinary recently, so I will be intertwining some new things into my routine. But for now, all Kiehl's, baby!

If you are reading this, you have made it to the end of my Bible-length post about my Sunday Spa Day. I hope this gave you some incite as to what I do on my day off and maybe you saw some things that you might want to try for your day off! Later, alligator!


Isn't that enough?!

So Nikkie Tutorials made the revelation of using Nivea Men Post Shave Balm as a primer
and since then, this bloody thing has been sold out everywhere....and I mean EVERYWHERE
But, I was in Publix the other day while I was picking up Izzy's cookies and immediately
picked it up when I saw it sitting on the shelf
The claim to the balm is that it keeps your foundation from fading away throughout the day
So I gave it the ultimate test in humid as hell, Floridian weather and.....
It fricking works!!!! IT WORKS, PEOPLE!
Rub it into your skin until your skin feels tacky, and apply your makeup with a damp 
beauty blender, and it stays on forever!
The only think I will say is that if you have oily skin, it would be wise to
apply the post shave balm, apply a light layer of translucent powder, then apply foundation
with a beauty blender saturated in a good setting spray instead of water.
You're good to go all day, ladies!

These three highlighters are the crux of glow! Made to ward off dark, evil
spirits and haters as well. Each highlighter has a different sheen, texture, and blinding level.
So let's go through them!
The first one is the Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector in Topaz
This highlighter gives my brown-skinned ladies a blinding glow-from-within and blends in
smooth as buttah! And for my white-chocolate ladies, this shade can be gently used as a bronzer

The second in the Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Duo in Warm Glow
This is a much more subtle sheen. This one isn't meant to blind people, just to distract
Imagine you're on a hot date in a dim-lit foyer. This highlight is for that kind of occasion.
But it is buildable, so you can work more of it on your cheeks to really cut them bones!

The third is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in Peach Nectar is sure to blind some folk,
but with a nice, pink tone. You REALLY have to have a light hand with this one because
it really packs a punch!


You're lips are probably the most distinct feature on your face, so why not
take care of those puckers?
The wonderful fresh Sugar Lip polish is light, but gets rid of all the dead crud
of the week from your lips, making them nice and soft and ready for some hardcore
The Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick is an awesome lippie the offers vegan, cruelty free
kindness for your kissers. That way you can be sweet to your suckers and to
those cute, little animals!
Lastly you need a great primer to protect your lips from all the wear.
The greatest, low-budget gem is the Smith's Rosebud Salve. And a must-have is
the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip primer.
These are the major keys for perfect lips


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