July 13, 2015


Fellas! We haven't forgotten about you for holiday footwear. So, Izzy refuses to wear flip flops
(because he thinks his toes are weird or something) to the beach, so these are some great alternatives for dudes who like their close-toed shoes or socks with slides. Click on the shoe
names and it'll bring you right to Asos for purchase! Also, Asos is having a crazy 50% off sale, so check out more of their website for some discounted goods!



Hey guys! Izzy and I will be leaving for Jamaica in a few weeks! Yay! Summer holiday clothes have been on the brain all last month and this month, so I thought that it would be cool to post my holiday shoe picks! Sandals, Espadrilles, and Lace-ups galore! Click on the names of the sandals if you are interested in purchasing. Also, Asos is having a massive sale, so check some other goodies out as well!
Love y'all

July 9, 2015


Topman Black Raw Edge Slim Longline T-Shirt | Urban Outfitters Nike Two-Toned Windbreaker |
Primark Cedar Wood State Roll Sleeve Tee | Uniqlo SPRZ NY Jean-Michel Basquiat Tee | 
Primark "Why So Serious" T-Shirt | Uniqlo Men Denim Long Sleeve Shirt |
Uniqlo SPRZ NY Keith Haring Graphic T-Shirt | Dr. Marten's 1460 Boots
There's nothing sweeter than going to a foreign country on holiday and buying foreign
clothing on sale! I was in a London state of mind when buying these goods and I'm so happy with
these pieces. I left with some great statement shirts and a great pair of boots.

By the way, if you feel that Timberland's are too bulk and heavy on your feet,
Dr. Marten's are an awesome alternative!


July 6, 2015


Summer has finally arrived! The sun is boiling the sands of South Florida and we are taking full advantage
Also, Izzy and I are going to Jamaica on holiday in a couple of weeks so this month is going to
be full of summertime goods!
My favorite thing is, of course, going to the beach! The water, the sand, the sun! I just love it!
So I wanted to show my most recent swimwear purchase and also my faves!
The first look is from Forever 21 and its also reversible!
The fabric is so soft and stretchy, which is an amazing thing for me because of my jumbo-mumbo
The only comment I have is that the swimsuit is really sexy with how low-rise the bottoms are

The second look is also from Forever 21 and it was the mix and match deal that they have
going on right now. You can mix and match any top and bottom and get the pair
for 16 bucks! Love that!
I really stepped out of my comfort zone with my swimwear this year with the amount of
colors I bought. A bit scary but I'm liking it so far:)

The last look is from Cotton On and the deal with these is similar to the Forever 21 deal
You mix and match and you can get the pair for 15 bucks. So a dollar cheaper is always good!
The cover up was also on special at Cotton On. It was originally $24.95 and I got it for $10!

I will be doing a Summertime Haul with Izzy and his goodies that he bought
while we were in London. Stay tuned and we love you all!

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