July 9, 2015


Topman Black Raw Edge Slim Longline T-Shirt | Urban Outfitters Nike Two-Toned Windbreaker |
Primark Cedar Wood State Roll Sleeve Tee | Uniqlo SPRZ NY Jean-Michel Basquiat Tee | 
Primark "Why So Serious" T-Shirt | Uniqlo Men Denim Long Sleeve Shirt |
Uniqlo SPRZ NY Keith Haring Graphic T-Shirt | Dr. Marten's 1460 Boots
There's nothing sweeter than going to a foreign country on holiday and buying foreign
clothing on sale! I was in a London state of mind when buying these goods and I'm so happy with
these pieces. I left with some great statement shirts and a great pair of boots.

By the way, if you feel that Timberland's are too bulk and heavy on your feet,
Dr. Marten's are an awesome alternative!


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