April 7, 2015




I hope you had a lovely Easter! I know that we have been M.I.A for the past couple of days but we have been super-duper busy! But these are the trends that I have been seeing over and over again so far in the new year , so I thought that I would tell you my three favorite trends, where to get them, and how to style them. And I actually bought these three items this past pay period (like the bloody addict I am) So I am going to go straight ahead with it!

The first item is PVC skirts. I think that Kim Kardashian and Alexa Chung  influenced this one a lot. But, yeah, I got mine on the MissGuided US website and it is still on sale! They have other bright colors on their websites, like a bright turquoise color. I wanted the pale pink color...but they sold out of it so bloody quick! But you can pair this with a neutral color crop top and a black pair of heels, or you can go with a white tee and put a little knot at the bottom and pair it with some white, minimal sneakers...LIKE OUR NEXT ITEM (Great Transition!)

The second item is the Adidas Superstars! These have been around before most of us were born but they finally came back around (like most fashion does). I've been seeing this absolutely everywhere, whether its American bloggers or British bloggers, this trend is universal. I bought mine from the Adidas website for two reasons. One, I have unfortunately large feet, I am a size 11 in women's! They had my size on the Adidas website so I went ahead and bought them. Reason two is that it was actually a lot cheaper on the website than on others, like Asos or Journey's. Ladies, if you wear like a 6 in women's, go to the kid's section! It's like 20 dollars cheaper and are the exact same shoe! You can pair these shoes with ripped, boyfriend jeans, a white tee, and a leather jacket (which I plan on doing) or you can pair them with the PVC skirt, a cropped tank top and a dark, duster coat.

The last item is a bucket bag. I've seen a couple of designer ones that I really wanted but they were way too expensive, but I was just browsing through the Zara website and the happened to have one in black and in a dark, navy color....for 26 dollars! I had to buy it right away and didn't think anything of it. I will definitely update you guys on the quality of the bag when I receive it later this week because it does sound too good to be true.

I will be posting more goodies this week so stay posted. Bye, Guys!


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