June 26, 2015


Hello Everyone! Sorry for our long absence but we have been super busy in the past couple of months. Izzy has been working hard on his music and I have been working extra hard on upcoming blog posts, ideas, and planning on doing videos in the future. But also, the Mr. and I took a trip recently, with our four friends, to Amsterdam, Paris, and London! It was two weeks long and it was the most amazing trip of our lives. We probably drank more than we should have seeing as I don't remember some nights, but it was truly an eye-opening experience. The fashion overseas, especially in London, is absolutely incredible, the food is amazing, and the culture and the art is absolutely gorgeous.

Amsterdam is so beautiful with it's old, Victorian-style houses. Mode of transportation is either bus or tram, but if you are a local, bicycle is the way to go (and if you are a tourist, beware of the bike lane because you will get run over). Of course we had to pop into coffee shops while we were there. It's nuts how the cannabis culture is so organized but carefree over there. Last, the food there is probably the best we've ever had (I HIGHLY recommend Lombardo's for an amazing burger)

France is absolutely lovely with its cuisine, paintings, and architecture. Paris is such an amazing city and should be traveled by day and by night. Parisian food is a bit pricey but well worth the cost considering everything tastes heavenly. The only downside to Paris is that the locals are very rude to Americans and the smells of the city streets are not the best (it smells like pee in the subway!AH!)

London will forever be mine and Izzy's favorite city. Everything about London just makes me fall in love. The one thing that is quite annoying about London is that the urge to shop is EVERYWHERE! Oxford Street, Carnaby Street, Regent Street, all of them! If you have a problem with pocket money, DON'T GO!

I have many, many more posts to come and I have a Summer Haul coming soon because we are going to Jamaica next month as well so look our for that. Izzy has a Summer Lookbook for men coming soon as well! We'll keep posting as much as possible and thank you guys for the overwhelming support! Love y'all!


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