May 15, 2016


About a week ago, Izzy and I (along with one of his best friend, Shawn) went down to Miami
to go to our first sneaker convention, The Solexchange Sneaker Show. 
I was overwhelmed by the amount of sneakers from different vendors and shops
in Miami and from around the country.
Of course, Izzy and Shawn were in heaven because they get physically aroused whenever they see
sneakers. They went there with the intent to shop. There was no window shopping on the agenda!

The show had brand new, gently used, and collector sneakers. They had everything from Nike SB's to
Balenciaga Arena's. A very wide spectrum of brands, styles, and prices. 
Shawn purchased a VERY gently used pair of Foamposites for $100 dollars (I told Izzy to look into them, but he never listens to his girlfriend ._.). I highly recommend
going if you are a true sneakerhead. They vendors are always down to haggle and trade. So, it's a great time for shoe addicts

The only thing I had an issue with was the location because it was a little bit of a small space
and also Barry University was having their graduation ceremony in the same building
so there was a little confusion with parking and finding the convention room,
but other than that, it was a really great experience and Izzy cannot wait to go back
to another sneaker convention. 


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