October 23, 2016


It finally happened. I decided to completely destroy my favorite graphic t-shirt with cuts,
slashes, and a shit ton of bleach...and I couldn't be happier. I bought
this extra large tee from Urban Outfitters from the men's section
and I've been wanting to cut it up but I was afraid the cuts would come out screwed.
Fears gone, snip-snip, very happy with my new, distressed top.
So I created a chocker effect with the cuts in my top to give me some cleavage
as well and I used a spray bottle to spritz the bleach and make it look
like it was dripping down the shirt. I avoided Tupac's beautiful face at all costs,
completely up to preference.
I paired the top with some vintage, pin-up shorts from Urban Outfitters
and my Valentino dupe pumps from Nordstrom Rack
Hope you guys find inspiration to cut the crap out of some old tees
and just go nuts!


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