November 21, 2016


Cold weather! Praise Jesus!
Florida finally got a little taste of some cold weather, so the time was A1 to break out
 the windbreaker, the boots, and the thick denim. it wasn't completely brick outside,
so this lightweight windbreaker from Forever 21 keeps you nice and insulated but you won't get caught overheating.
Still sticking true to the combat vibes, we decided to pair it with some classic
Dr. Martens boots, all black. 
Again, it wasn't Canada cold outside, so we have these slim, dark-wash jeans from H&M
and we slice and diced them to holy hell (GET IT!? HOLY!)
This is dressing smart for Southeast autumn and winter just for the simple face that
it'll be frosty in the mornings, but by 12PM, its back to swimsuit weather.
This kind of outfit guarantees you'll stay comfy all day throughout the temperature change

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