January 24, 2017


Ladies! We need love, too!
There's this old school stipulation that Valentine's Day is just for
the females, but it doesn't hurt to get your guy a little
something-something to let him know that you were thinking of
him, too! Men can be just as difficult to buy for as women, so I've put together a guide to make it less stressful for the ladies looking to purchase this V-Day. I'm hitting different price points in this, so there's something for everyone.

schmells + scents:
Many think that buying a fragrance for the special man in your life is the easy way out of searching for a gift. On the contrary! Buying a cologne, in my opinion is a very personal gift! It let's a man know how you see him past a physical stand point.
If you buy your man a scent that has strong notes of tobacco, leather, and cedarwood, you see him as dark, mysterious, and sexy. To put it in the eyes of a woman, Idris 
Elba would be wearing this type of fragrance.
Now if you buy him a scent that
has black pepper, bergamot, and amber, you see
your man as a gentle, caring type of man with an
aggressive side to him. This is your Drizzy Drake of fragrances
So these are some of my personal favorites from my collection.
01 Obsession Night by Calvin Klein
02 Hugo Boss Hugo Red
03 Nuit D'Issey by Issey Miyake (favorite)
04 Dior Sauvage

kicks + fits:
Ladies. There are very few moments to let your man know how you want him to dress. Seize this opportunity. Christina damn near threw me out of my slides and into a pair of loafers. I know it can be a bit scary to purchase clothes and shoes for him, but it let's us know that you really took the time to look through and select something for us. It's also a prerequisite for how you would like for us to dress in the future. White trainers have been on trend for the past two years and are a safe bet. Now don't push your budget if you don't have Timberland money. Dr. Martens are just as, if not more 
durable and goes with everything. Now if your man cannot let go of
his homeboy ways, just upgrade him with a collarless shirt.
01 Urban Outfitter Chino
02 Reebok Gum Classics
03 Dr Martens 1460
04 Grandad Collar Shirt (similar)

Probably the most sacred accessory that us men have. We can never have too many hats. I feel like we are out of the era of the snapback and balls deep into the dad hat craze. Hats are a relatively inexpensive gift, so I always consider hats an add-on gift to a bigger gift. Christina and I stumbled across a small shop called The Hat Club when we were exploring Soho, New York. They have every kind of hat imaginable for every kind of dude. From NFL teams to Instagram memes, there is definitely something there to get your guy.
01 Bompton Hat
02 Rolling Rolex Hat
03 Classic Oakland Raiders Hat
04 Oakland Bear Hat

Other cool add-ons you can gift your dude for V-Day is some pieces of simple, subtle jewelry, pins, and sunglasses. Jewelry has gotten a lot simple over the past year. A lot more streamline but better quality. Now if you do not know your man's ring size, please do not even attempt, but bracelets are a great backup. I've put pins as an add-on for the hats. Putting pins on clothing and hats has become a staple this year and it adds more personality to his wardrobe.
Pintrill has the best pins! You can purchase similar
pins in sets on their websites for a great price.
If you're worried about it getting to close to V-Day 
for shipping, Urban Outfitters and PacSun carries their pins!
01 Vitaly Stainless Steel Ring
02 Urban Outfitters Sunglasses
03 Vitaly Matte Black Bracelet
04 Pintrill PB & J Pins
05 Pintrill Feeling Ways Drake Pin


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