February 22, 2017


We escaped for the weekend for a pre-Valentine's Day getaway
to the real city that never sleeps, Miami!
Basically, when we make the journey to South Beach, we want to completely stuff our faces with all the multicultural food that congests the city streets. Recently, we heard a lot of buzz about this traditional Korean BBQ place called the Drunken Dragon...it did everything but disappoint.

The restaurant is situated in a random, sketchy plaza next to a Subway and it doesn't even say the name of the establishment. It literally just says "MARKET" in big, bold, red letters. It kind of gives off that vibe like it's a front for a seedy, Korean club but the inside is immaculate! Thick, wooden tables, dimly lit chandeliers, and a bar reminiscent of the one from James Bond's Skyfall.

The service was impeccable. Our waiter let us know what he recommends, the fan faves, what comes raw to the table if you want to cook it yourself, and what drinks are completely bomb. We ordered the Bulgogi, which is marinated beef and a staple of Korean BBQ, the Chicken with Lemon Soy Sauce, and the Stir Fry with Vegetables.


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