July 21, 2017

With this setting spray, I really do notice that my makeup lasts significantly longer when I use it! It gives my makeup a beautiful, seamless finish and takes down the powderiness of a full-coverage beat. This product has a very light, cucumber scent which is very cooling and refreshing. I absolutely love cucumber, so the scent gives me all types of life! But the most important part of this setting spray: the spritz! The droplets are so fine and so gentle! It doesn't assault the face and disrupt the makeup like some other sprays do with hail-sized drops. You can use this as close or as far away from the face and it gives you the same results, which I love. I noticed I can just use the spray alone, instead of using my traditional MAC Fix + first, then another setting spray. It does it all in one!

  •  Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette:
I bought this palette only with the intention to review it for darker complexions, but I didn't know that I would absolutely fall in love with this palette! The matte shadows are the real stars of the show here. Smooth, buttery, very pigmented, and the easiest time I've had blending out shadows. I do wish that this palette had a mirror so it could be ideal for travel, but I can live with it because the shadows are so poppin'! I'm not a particular fan of Mrs. Jaclyn Hill (especially after that Kim Kardashian video ._.) but I can see why this palette took two years to perfect.
*This palette is sold out*

Ok, entire beauty world. I completely understand the hype now. The way this concealer melts into the skin and marries with surrounding foundation is one of a kind. Big up's to Nars for also having a shit ton of shades (also with their foundations). The coverage reminds me of the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, but no where near as heavy! Now, I bought this before Nars announced that they will no longer be cruelty-free. This is something that I value out of a majority of my cosmetics. The fact that Nars is such a high-end, luxury brand and they have decided to test on animals to make products available in China has disappointed me. So, for the time being, I will no longer be purchasing Nars Cosmetics. Don't sell your morals to make a quick buck, beauty companies!

How come no one is talking about this?! This is the best thing I have used thus far to take off all of my makeup! It moves even my most stubborn and waterproof makeup around and it washes away so easily with water. I just take four pumps of this into my hand and massage it into the face and it dissolves my foundation, eye shadow, mascara, everything. This even loosens up my eyelash glue with the oils so I don't have to yank off my false lashes anymore.

I find this more effective than using makeup wipes or micellar water to take off my eye makeup and this is ophthalmologist approved so I can get all up in my eyes and it doesn't irritate or burn. Plus, if you are a drier skin type, this can be used as a traditional cleanser to wash your face with no suds. I highly recommend this if you have eczema also because the lavender is so soothing and nurturing. If you like Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (a treatment oil), then you will love this.


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