November 2, 2017

Inspiration from a Rasta

 One of the biggest people I'm inspired by is Mr. Bob Marley. Ever since I can remember, I wanted to embody Marley, from his dreads, music, lifestyle, and even his perspective on life as a whole. I can definitively say that he's one of the main reasons why I have dreads (besides the fact that I live in South Florida where is Dreadhead Central). To be able to sit down with Bob one day and chop it up with him, pick his brain and really capture his vibe is one dream I'll never stop having. His positivity is legendary! Also, to put a fat joint in the air with him wouldn't hurt either.

 So about a year ago when Christina and I went to Jamaica and got the chance to set foot in his house in Kingston, it felt like I was that much closer to my dream. Being able to go into his personal studio and, in that moment, still be able to feel his presence is something that I'll talk about to our kids one day (also maybe because you could still smell a strong aroma of ganja in the air, but still). In 1974, a phenomenal photographer by the name of Dennis Morris took some of the most iconic pictures of Bob Marley in the King's Place in London. 
These photos of Bob happen to be my favorite because
 of how minimal the photos are and his genuine features shine through. So when we got back to the states, it was only right that I paid homage to one of my greatest idols in some of my favorite pictures. Keeping the photos black and white really captures the mood and tones. Give them a look and tell us if you feel some of the same emotions that I felt. Thanks, family.

"When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself"
-Bob Marley


Shirt: Calvin Klein


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