March 29, 2015

Easy Listening From This Week!

To Pimp A Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar
Mr. Wonderful - Action Bronson


Even though Kendrick Lamar's album was leaked a couple of weeks prior to the album dropping,
Izzy and I decided to swerve the leak and wait until the drop this past Monday.
I feel like if you like an artist, musician, or even designer and everything that they stand for,
you would want to put money in their pocket because you support them wholeheartedly.
The album is an absolutely masterpiece! The title, I heard from a couple of blogs, is supposed to
be a play-on of "To Kill a Mockingbird"

The songs on the album are very racially charged and powerful. A lot of Izzy's friends and I
were having a discussion about it and they were saying how there isn't a centralized flow and it's
sort of all over the place and they really can't listening to it while you're rolling around in the car.
I feel like it isn't for that purpose. I feel like the album is for a purpose, like, you just got off of work, you're pissed at our white society, and it's time for deep-thinking and reflection type of purpose. I listened to it three times ( I know, overkill) to fully understand it. Overall I love it and so does my beloved. The only thing I didn't like, personally, that the song "i" wasn't the studio version; It was a live version instead.

Action Bronson's album was fantastic as well. It has a wonderful, jazzy feel to it with amazing lyricism. THIS is the album for when you are riding around with your homeboys, drinking a 40oz in South Florida. My favorite song is "Baby Blue" featuring Chance the Rapper. The chorus sent me and Izzy into a 2-day long argument because you would swear that Chance was singing the chorus, but it's actually Action singing the chorus! That was a nice, little surprise. This song is when you are going through it with your main chick/ main dude and you want to sing a sad but funny song all in one. Amazing work by Bam-Bam

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