March 26, 2015

March "Look-Good, Feel-Good" Haul

 Lush Cosmetics "Mint Julip" Lip Scrub, "Kalamazoo" Beard and Face Wash, "Herbalism" Cleanser 
Badger Man Care Mustache Wax
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
MAC Cosmetics Prep & Prime Lip, Satin Lipstick in "Photo"


So Izzy and I decided to take a gamble at some products that were recommended to us. I have really desert-like skin due to my Eczema and Izzy has been on the endless quest for the perfect beard, so we gave these products a try and so far we love them!

If you suffer from really strange skin, like its crazy ashy or its disgustingly oily, you should definitely try the Herbalism Cleanser for pre-makeup prep. It really strips down your face of all the crap before putting on your foundation and concealer. Also, the Smashbox product is good for after you've cleansed and your pores have opened up. I really holds onto your foundation and makes if feel lighter.

The next product, I feel, gives you the most luscious lips ever! The lady in MAC kind of conned me into getting the Prep & Prime Lip Balm... I'm kind of happy she did because this thing is life! It literally fills in the cracks in your lips and grasps onto your lipstick. This is a MUST HAVE if you love to put on a matte finish lipstick but hate the chapped feeling of it.

The last products are for the manly men. Men are so strange when it comes to using a product religiously if it isn't deoderant, cologne, or soap. My beloved used the Kalamazoo wash from Lush and he said its amazing! First it smells like freaking pineapples! Yes! Secondly, it makes his facial hair so soft and wonderful. This is great for you guys who have loads of facial hair that feels like it can scrub plates clean. Izzy also used the Mustache Wax from Badger Man Care. He has that type of mustache hair that curls and grips onto his lip, so this was great for him to style it the way he wants.

Let us know if we should try anything else down below!


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