March 25, 2015

Hello, Blogger!

Izzy and I have just migrated from WordPress to Blogger and we are finding the transition very easy;
We find this platform much simpler and great to customize to our liking!
The general point of our blog is to show our interests, such as fashion, music, food
and other things!

We are the creators of a co-ed blog; friendly to all walks of life, whether it's women, men,
teens, old folks, you name it.
This is just a short little post to say "Wassup, Wassup" and Welcome to our lives and interests!
Hope you guys enjoy it:)

We would also love some feedback about products we should try, things we should look at,
stuff we should do differently, and places you would recommend. Comments and concerns are
always welcome! Yes, even the haters are welcome as well:)

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